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Carmenita and Junito

Carmenita and Junito are the doppelgangers who resemble Carmen Cortez and Juni Cortez. They were created by Fegan Floop and Alexander Minion as part of Lisp's army of Robot children to take over the world.

They were later reprogramed and used as Floop's characters on his show. Both are played by Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara, who play the real Carmen and Juni.

Spy Kids

In the first film, they are sent to find the real Carmen and Juni to recover the third brain for Floop so that he can make the Robot children more intelliegent for Lisp. They track the Cortez siblings to San Dibalo at a park playground where the Cortez kids are trying to track down their missing parents.

Following an arguement over whether or not they should keep the brain or destroy it, Carmen walks away from Juni and approaches a water fountian. Taking advantage of this, Robot Juni approaches Carmen while she's drinking water from the fountian. Thinking its the real Juni, Carmen tells him that they are no longer relatives and asks him to leave. Robot Juni speaks in gibberish and Carmen assumes that Juni is getting stupider by the minute. Suddenly, Carmen sees the robot doppelganger of herself grabbing the real Juni and lifting him up off the ground. Before she could react, the robot Juni grabs Carmen's arm and bends it. She punches him in the face and nearly breaks her knuckles. She tries again for another punch only to have it blocked and turned around while being held. Carmen yells for Juni to destroy the brain. Juni hears Carmen's instruction but before he could react, Robot Carmen throws Juni on the merry-go-round and spins it faster while he's on it. The real Carmen turns around, grabs the Robot Juni and headbutts it, giving herself a painful head injury and causing herself to lose consciousness. Juni still on the merry-go-round pulls out the brain and tries to destroy it as the Robot Carmen approaches him and tries steal it from him. She manages to steal it but Juni responds by ripping off her necklace. As Carmen regains consciousness, The Robot doublegangers put on shades and fly away using rocket booster shoes. This prompts a child to yell " I WANT SHOES LIKE THAT!!!". Carmen and Juni recovering from their fight with the doppelgangers realize that there a hundred robots and that they are building an army.

The Robot Doppelgangers mangage to return to Floops castle and give the third brain to Floop. When Minion turns on Floop (as Floop only cares about his show) and prepares to do Lisp's evil doing he orders the Robot Carmen and Juni to imprision Floop in the vitual room where the show is being filmed.

Later when Floop frees the Cortez family and they prepare to stop Lisp, The Robot doppelgangers approach Gregorio and Ingrid and grab them before tying them up with chains. Carmen and Juni attempt to save their parents again only to have them fly out of the hallway and into the main room.

The doppelgangers then come out and confront the Cortezes. Juni warns Carmen that they are stronger and smarter now. Carmen adds that so are they. She attempts to scare them and they look at each other and run away. Only for them to flip over on walls and go into a fighting pose. A shocked Carmen does her famous line "Oh Shittake mushrooms" and she and Juni begin to back away in fear. They eventually calm down and approach their doppelgangers. After a brief stare down another fight breaks out. Carmen uses her grappling gadget to have Robot Juni stuck on the celing while the Robot Carmen picks up the real Juni and spins him around as the real Carmen ducks to avoid a hit. Then Robot Carmen throws Juni across the hallway where he lands on the floor. Carmen briefly looks at her Robot doppelganger in confusion as Robot Juni drops from the celing behind Carmen. Juni runs towards Robot Carmen only to get knocked to the floor again as his robot doppelganger holds down the real Carmen by twisting her arm behind her back. The Robot Carmen torments Juni by telling him that his parents were so easy to capture and that he's not any better. She calls him "poor little Juni, defensless and weak". She then punches the wall and says "your a worthless little squirt"

Carmen while being held down by Robot Juni, begins to stand up for her brother by telling him "your not worthess" reminding him of that he figure out how he got them there, reforming Floop, speaking to the Fooglies and rescuing their parents. She yells, "You're strong Juni!! You're strong!" But Juni attempts to punch a wall and nearly breaks his knuckles. Carmen tells Juni he's not that strong. Robot Carmen grabs Juni on the chest and picks him up saying "puny little Juni, its all over", suddenly Juni laughs and giggles infront of the doppelganger of Carmen and drops the gumball wrapper in her hands. He spits it out at the nose of the doppelganger while it lets go of Juni. This electrocuted her as she removed it from her nose. The real Carmen recovers and subdues Robot Juni as both of the Cortez siblings throw their doppelgangers against the wall. Carmen and Juni then use instant cement to hold them against the wall only for them to try breaking lose. Carmen and Juni immediately runaway to find their parents.

In the climax, of the film as the Cortez family prepare to fight the robot children in the main room, the doppelgangers of Carmen and Juni come out to the front, angrily staring at their counterparts. Soon Floop reprograms the robot children causing them to happily play by tossing Minion, Gradenko, and Lisp in the air since as Minion explains that they have minds of their own now.

At the end the doppelgangers of Carmen and Juni are used on Floop's Fooglies as his new cast along with Minion.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

In the second flim, the doppelgangers of Carmen and Juni are briefly seen roller blading in Fegan Floop's Castle as their counterparts call Floop so they can talk to Minion. Floop briefly puts them on the phone to say "hello" to their counterparts. As they rollerblade away, the Robot Juni hits a wall.

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