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Some Fooglies from "Floop's Fooglies". The right-hand one is Donnagon Giggles.

Floop's Fooglies is a segment on a TV show which Juni Cortez loves. It was named after the characters on the show who were actually mutated OSS agents supposedly captured by Fegan Floop. But it was later revealed that they were actually captured by ex-agent, Alexander Minion.


  • Floop's Fooglies is a parody of Elmo's World, an approximately 20-minute long segment starring Elmo that has run at the end of every episode of Sesame Street from Season 30 through Season 37 and on most, but not all, episodes after that.
  • When played backwards, the soundtrack on this program is actually a call for help: "Floop is a madman, help us, save us!"