Francis is a major character in the film Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.




Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

He first appears in Level One of Game Over. Juni confuses him as a pogo-toad.


He is rude and selfish towards Juni at first just like Arnold and Rez.


Francis is an intense gamer and plays to his smarts by using his tech manual in the game, like at the door of Level 5, he thinks Juni is a deceiver living in the game only to find out that it is really Demetra.


Arnold and Rez

They seem to be very good friends.


When he met Juni, he tried to kill him and get him out of the way, but then he realize that Juni could be "the guy". Later, he act more friendly when he realize that, but he was still really selfish and rude. He was very impressed to see Juni was a spy in real life.


  • In the Mega Race, he passed Juni while he is on the road then he passes him again.
  • He cheated the first time he did the Mega Race.
  • He isn't really smart in real life.