Gregorio Cortez is an OSS agent and the father of Juni and Carmen. He started off as a semi-retired spy who hides his career in espionage from his children. He is played by Antonio Banderas.



Spy Kids

In Spy Kids, Gregorio's children believe that he is a boring suburban father, until he and his wife get kidnapped by Fegan Floop and their children must save them. In the end of the film, when his brother Machete agrees to help save him, they renounce their conflict and hug.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Spy Kids 3D: Game Over




Juni Cortez

Gregorio is the father of Juni Cortez

Carmen Cortez

Gregorio is the father of Carmen Cortez

Ingrid Cortez

Gregorio is the husband of Ingrid Cortez.

Isador "Machete" Cortez

He also has a brother called Machete who he has a great deal of conflict with.

Marissa Cortez-Wilson

As well as this, he has a sister, Marissa, who has a daughter, Maria, and two step-children, Rebecca and Cecil Wilson. It is unknown what their interactions are, but it's presumed that he loved his sister dearly.

In other media

Spy Kids Adventures book series

One Agent Too Many

A New Kind of Super Spy

Mucho Madness

OSS Wilderness

Mall of the Universe

Spy TV

Superstar Spies

Freeze Frame

Spring Fever

Off Sides




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