Mr. Lisp is a rich businessman who plans world dominations.




Spy Kids

Lisp hired Fegan Floop and Alexander Minion to build himself an army. Things haven't really made much progress. The first few billion dollars given to Floop was used to mutate agents, which he used as characters for his TV show, and the Thumb-Thumbs. Floop then demonstrated to Lisp a small hint of his requested army, two of the robot children he had built (they resemble Lisp's son, Johnny, and the president's daughter). But the robots are in still need of their brains. Lisp, running out of patience, gave him a two-day deadline to finish the army, or else everything given to Floop will be lost.

Two days later, Lisp and his men approached Floop's castle in their helicopters. Minion, who had taken charge of the project, told the army is complete and Floop is indisposed. As Lisp made entrance to the castle, he was welcomed by Minion and Miss Gradenko, an ex-member of the OSS. Floop suddenly then announced a problem to Minion, who decided to check the situation. When he came back, Minion had fused hands and three additional heads on his original. Soon, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez of the OSS and their kids, Carmen and Juni comfronted Lisp and his men. Minion then summoned the 500 robot children, impressing Lisp. The robots then charged at Lisp and his gang and began tossing them into the air, for Floop had reprogrammed them.









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