Rez is a major character in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.




Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

In Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, he is a handsome and rude gamer when Juni gets in the game. He always do traps to Juni to prove that he was really "the Guy". After the race, he later thought that Juni was really "the Guy". Later on Level 4, they found Carmen, he felt a crush on her, later being performed also by Carmen. When they got to the gate of Level 5, Francis told him that Juni could be the "Deceiver" of the game, which make him try to kill Juni, but he gets stopped by Carmen. Later on Level 5, he gave Carmen his address, so they can contact on the real word, which make her fell happy. Then they escape and he went home.


He is rude and selfish with Juni and with everyone. This is shown when he tries to kill Juni during the race. He is also shy and gentle when he meets Carmen, to impress her.


Rez is an intense gamer and plays to his coolness while in the game.



Arnold and Francis

Their relationship is friendly because they are all testers and they try to find out if Juni was "the guy" or not. He is more closer to francis because they met before Arnold got in the game, but they are all friends.


When he met Juni, he tried to kill him and get him out of the way, but then he realize that Juni could be "the guy". Later, he act more friendly when he realize that, but he was still really selfish and rude.


We don't know much about their relationship after the game, but in the game they got a crush. When he saw Carmen, he tried to impress her, leaving Carmen offended. Later, Carmen stopped Rez for killing Juni. At the end, Rez gives his email to Carmen, leaving Carmen with his address to be able to contact with each other after the game.


  • He is the tallest one of the group.
  • In the real world, he is really not cool.

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