The Spider Monkey is a creature from the movie Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. It is a pun on the spider monkey, though it is
SpyKids2 Spiderape Concept
a hybrid of a spider and a devolved human.


The upper part of it is a body of a devolved human with the head and face of an ape while the lower part is a spider's body with yellow-black legs and red marks on its behind. It resembles a centaur with the body of a spider. The Spider Monkey that Juni befriends has a staff, a sash and a broken leg on his left side.


Despite its upper body part of a devolved human, it sounds like the common monkey and beats its chest like a gorilla. Due to its body weight, it cannot climb like spiders can, but can shoot out a web. Its larger clone counterpart sounds like a monster or a gorilla.
Spider Monkey

The Spider Monkey

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Carmen and Juni encountered a Spider Monkey and fled when it roared at them. Juni encountered it again and offered his nutrition bar, which the creature ate happily. Gary Giggles arrived, riding on a slizzard. The Spider Monkey hoisted up Juni on his back and the two groups faced off. When the slizzard pushed a pillar, the Spider Monkey quickly shoved his rider off his back and got crushed. But it survived and captured the slizzard in its web. While Juni and Carmen continue on their quest, the Spider Monkey blocked Gary with its stadd for a while.

As Carmen and Juni prepared to leave the island with their family, Romero gave Juni a miniature Spider Monkey. As its large counterpart roared, the mini one hollered back.

Spy Kids 3: Game Over

The miniature Spider Monkey briefly appeared at the beginning, where it had a fight with Juni's robot bug, R.A.L.P.H . At the end of the film, the two pets joined in the Cortezs' extended family.

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